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FNT investment service platform will cooperate with mainstream trading platforms to satisfy free choice of matching different investment ways and investment risks, design a series of investment services and products like quantitative investment, fund investment, futures investment and documentary, thus bringing brand-new investment channels and abundant digital asset finance products for digital asset investment market. 

FNT is the product to practice our own cognition about digital asset, investment theory and value. By providing professional investment service for participants of digital asset, it finally assists with sound development of blockchain finance. 

Key Values
Quantitative Investment

Quantitative trading replaces artificial subjective judgement with advanced mathematical model and initially selects multiple “great possibility” events bringing about excess earnings from huge historical data through computer technology to formulate strategy, greatly reduce the influence of emotional fluctuation of investors and avoid irrational investment decisions under extremely crazy or pessimistic circumstances of market. 

Derivative Investment

FNT clutches lifeblood of era and proposes derivative investment products: digital asset futures, index contract and options product. On the basis of current derivative framework on market, FNT develops own derivative trading framework to provide basic guidance for releasing self-developed derivative products and derivative products of excellent projects. The functions of price discovery and risk control of digital asset derivatives make that price of digital asset can dynamically reflect the changes of project development beyond speculation, promote project development and competition. Besides, they can effectively mitigate the volatility of digital asset and make price of project token match with anticipation of project development better. Mutual coordination of various digital asset derivatives can provide space for volatility arbitrage, while arbitrage activity can restrain volatility upsurge on digital asset market. 

Fund Investment

Based on diversity of asset size and risk tolerance among investment groups, public offering of fund and privately offered fund are designed. From the perspective of product definition, they are similar to public offering of fund and privately offered fund in traditional finance. FNT will release public offering of fund run by itself or managed by famous institutions, which will be open to all investors without charging performance-based compensation, maintain low threshold and strictly disclose information related to fund.


For any one investment way like quantification, fund and derivative, as long as investors are willing, they can make real-time release of investment contents for fee or free on FNT, while others can follow through simple operation. The system will make real-time imitation of the investment operation of followed target as per following setting. To avoid misleading other investors through vicious release of investment information, FNT adopts compulsory real name authentication of distributors and keep information transparency for outside, displays historical investment information and account analysis of distributors. Furthermore, FNT will bring in credit information system to monitor credit information of distributors, increase the costs of releasing false investment information and misleading market investors. 










Forest Zhen Yang Sha, CEO, financial background, was the market value management manager of domestic A-share listed companies in 2013. He won the Golden Bull Award and the Best Strategy Award. He successively served as the main strategist in Hessen Quantization and Sunshine Quantization. He mainly invested in the secondary market. The leading sectors included stocks, foreign exchange, futures and digital currency. The annual return of transactions in the past five years was 50%, in terms of profitability and wind control. There is a unique trading system and understanding. The strategy is mainly long-term, supplemented by intra-day turnaround. At present, a fully automated trading model suitable for different trading markets has been developed.



Spencer COO started to build resident communities in 2014, participated in the construction of Read Coin, CVT and other business schools at home and abroad, and each issue of community sharing. It has strong psychological control over retail investors, with a turnover rate of up to 90%. It has also participated in ETH and EOS overseas community building, focusing on media publicity and Summit hosting and brand marketing. It has jointly hosted golden financial and WBF summits with over 100,000 people. District resources, now responsible for FNT's global node promotion and overseas community layout, build FNT's first batch of core belief communities.


Ricky Lee Doran, Position: CTO, responsible for system research and development, decentralized business platform construction, big data background, started in 2013 specializing in block chains, EOS technology construction and wallet building, participated in the development of BFX and other exchanges, built a large foreign exchange data documentation system in 2015, reverse documentation for loss accounts, annual profit rate as high as 60%, design digital goods in 2017. Currency quantification procedure, combined with triangular arbitrage, currently has a quantified return of about 80%. Currently, it is the CTO of FNT, responsible for the design and construction of FNT quantification platform.


Geroge, a senior expert and investor in financial analysis, was born on Wall Street and participated in many large and medium-sized financial science and technology projects. He entered the area of block chain in 13 years, and was the earliest group of digital money investors in China.


Lee, fund manager of FNT, is responsible for the construction and operation of products. At present, the annual revenue is stable at 30%. Chen Long, who specializes in data visualization of geospatial and trading networks, has published articles in well-known journals.


Li Yifan, with many years of experience in Roland Berger, a leading global consulting company, participates in the strategic formulation and promotion of multinational corporations and governments.





Nathan, responsible for technical architecture design and team management;

Platform Framework
Business Framework
Technical Framework
I. Reward participants of consortium blockchain to maintain the normality and reliability of FNT network function. 
III. 20% of FNT tokens to reward those contributing to FNT main chain or FNT investment service platform and even financial technology
V. FNT can not only obtain operation income of platform, but possess voting right of deciding the future development plan of FNT.
II. FNT token is proof of stake of FNT ecology and holders will enjoy operation bonus of FNT platform as per overall holding proportion.
VI. Mining mechanism is added on the operation of FNT platform layer to increase flow. Investors will get certain amount of FNT as reward as per trading behavior and generated trading volume. 
Road Map
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